How to link or update mobile number with Aadhaar card

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In today's post we will learn how you can link mobile and email with Aadhaar card from home.

How to link or update mobile number with Aadhaar card

Or if you have a mobile number or email link you can just change or update it.

We know that now the online Aadhaar website UIDAI is not going to link or update all the details of Aadhaar card like phone number.

We have to go to the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center for this kind of Aadhaar update.

But now you don't have to do that anymore because home service has been launched by India Post Payment Bank,

With the help of which you can link mobile and email with Aadhaar while sitting at home. Also

Even if you have 5 year old children in your home, you can apply for their Aadhaar enrollment through this home service.

And the agent of India Post Payment Bank will come to your address or home and do your work with biometric.

So let's see below how to link or update mobile number and email with Aadhaar card (How to link or update mobile no and email to Aadhaar).

How to link mobile number and email with Aadhaar

Step 1: Click here to apply for mobile and email link or update with Aadhaar .

Step 2: After clicking on the link above you will enter the Service Request web page of Indian Post Payment Bank.

Where a web page like the one below will open in front of you. So now follow the steps below.

How to link mobile number with Aadhaar card

Step 3: Then fill out the form above to register for Mobile and Email Link or Update with Aadhaar. That is,

Name : Enter your full name here.

Address : Enter your exact address in this place where the agent will come and update your information.

Pincode: Enter your pin code

Email Address: Provide your current email ID

Mobile: Enter your current mobile number here

Select Service: Select “ IPPB - Aadhaar Services ” here

Select: and here select “ UIDAI -Mobile / Email to Aadhaar linking / update ”.

And at the end of all just click on > Request OTP below.

Step 4: Clicking Request OTP will open a new page in front of you and an OTP will appear on the phone number you provided.

Application of Aadhaar update online at home

So now in the “Enter OTP Received to you mobile” place , enter the OTP and click below> Confirm Service Request .

Now the application for mobile number update will be registered with your Aadhaar card and you

Below is a Request Ref. No will also be provided by which you can track your application if you wish.

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Our last word,

So this is the complete way to link or update mobile and email with Aadhaar card at home.

And after following the above steps, an agent from Indian Post Payment Bank comes to your house

Will link the phone number or email with your Aadhaar with biometrics and between Aadhaar Enrollment Center

You only have to pay the amount that is charged 50 rupees (charges may or may not be charged for special information).

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