What is HDD and SSD ? What is the difference between HDD and SSD ?

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 Today in this post we will know what is HDD and SSD (HDD and SSD) and what is the difference between them.

What is HDD and SSD ?  What is the difference between HDD and SSD ?

We know that the main storage devices of a computer are hard disk and SSD.

However, even if there are two storage drives, which means some similarities, they are not completely one and they also have some special differences and advantages.

And the only difference between choosing between the two is the storage capacity and the purchase price.

Because the right storage drive for your computer depends on computer performance, power usage and reliability.

Before we get into the difference between HDD and SSD, we need to know what an HDD or hard disk is and what it means.

And what is SSD or SSD and their function in short. So let's go down here we didn't know it very easily.


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What is HDD or hard disk?

Hard Disk (HDD) or HDD key and its work

What is Hard Disk or Hard Disk?

HDD, which stands for Hard Disk Drive, is the traditional storage of a computer which includes a platter or

There is a rotating disk and a Read and Write "Head" which is connected to the rotating disk (platter) from the top for data reading and writing.

The more disk space the Platter or inner disk has, the faster the hard disk can perform for which you have listened to HDDs of different RPMs.

Did you know that HDD is considered non-volatile and legacy technology?

Non-volatile because HDD is able to read and write data even after disconnecting the power source.

And l egacy technology is said to be much earlier than SSD and also longer in size which is used in 3.5 desktop computers.

And 2.5 size hard disk laptops and small devices are used.

What is SSD or SSD and its function?

What is SSD or SSD and its function

What does SSD or SSD mean?

The full name of SSD is Solid State Drive and it is also a non-volatile storage but like HDD here

Moving Parts Like Platter or Disk, Read / Write Head. This drive is for storing data

Using its own circuit board and for all these things SSD is smaller in size than HDD and a few times faster.

So you will see different sizes of SSD including 2.5 inch and gum stick size which is M.2 for computer.

In addition, the SSD heat from the hard disk is less and the power consumption is less. Which is very useful in the case of devices like laptops.


Now let us know below what exactly is the difference between SSD vs HDD i.e. Hdd and ssd.

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Differences between Hard Disk (HDD) and SSD

The difference between hdd and ssd

HDD vs SSD (Differences between HDD and SSD)

HDD (Hard Disk or Hard Disk) SSD

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive SSD stands for Solid State Drive

Hard disks include mechanical parts

such as platters or disks and moving parts

. SSD does not have mechanical parts.

Has its own electronic circuit.

HDD data read and write time is more. Read and write time of SSD is less or faster.

HDD has higher latency. The latency of SSD is relatively low.

Hard disk's market value is lower than SSD's. SSDs usually cost

more than HDDs.

This is a traditional or quite old storage

device. It is relatively new and forward-looking.

Noise can be heard inside the hard disk due to the presence of mechanical parts . 

No sound can be heard as SSD does not have mechanical parts .

HDD tends to be larger in size and

heavier in weight. SSDs are small in size and

light in the absence of mechanical parts.

HDD's performance is slower than SSD's 

SSDs perform much faster than hard disks .

Hard disk power consumption is high. Power consumption of SSD is

much less.

Hard disk reliability is lower than SSD. Solid state drives are more reliable and

less prone to disruption.

Hard disk's storage capacity is high.

Like 250 GB to 14 TB

Storage capacity is low.

Such as 120 GB to 4 TB

Less I / O operation per second. I / O operations are more per second.

So above we have briefly learned the difference between SSD and hard disk. Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages below.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Hard Disk (HDD)

Advantages of Hard Disk or HDD

Prices or prices tend to be lower.

Storage capacity is more available

Suitable for all types of file stores.

Portable and portable anywhere.

File stores are best for backups like heavy and long time.

Disadvantages of Hard Disk or HDD

Hard disk data read is much slower than SSD.

Hard disks are more likely to crash.

Problems or complications in data recovery.

Power consumption is high which leads to battery problems in devices like laptops.

Advantages and disadvantages of SSD or SSD

Advantages of SSD (Advantages of SSD or Solid State Drive)

SSD is much faster.

Small in size and very light in weight.

Harder and more reliable than hard disk.

Many people have low power consumption. Suitable for devices like laptops.

Disadvantages of SSD

Prices tend to be higher.

Storage capacity is low.

Recovering old data is more complicated.

Data reading limited etc.

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Our last word,

So what are you HDD and SSD now? And know the differences and advantages and disadvantages between them. You are from this post

If you have any help, be sure to share your comments below and follow our site for more posts like this.

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