What is RAM and ROM? What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

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 In today's post we will know what Ram and Rom are or what they are, what are their features and functions and what is the difference between this ROM and ROM.

What is RAM and ROM? What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Many of us know that this RAM and ROM is computer internal memory and two very important hardware.

Without them a computer is incomplete and does not work. And this computer's internal memory is again of two kinds.

Primary RAM

Secondary RAM

Primary RAM shots are RAM and ROM and Secondary RAM is reading Hard Drive, Floppy Disk, CD etc.

Now let's try to understand and know each subject in more detail in a very simple way about RAM and ROM.

What is RAM? (What is RAM?)

What is RAM?

What is RAM? (What is RAM?)

First, the full form of RAM or RAM i.e. Random Access Memory and RAM is a

The internal memory and hardware of the computer that you see inside the motherboard inside the CPU.


Ram is a volatile memory which means the data contained in it is temporary and when the computer is on or in RAM

Electrical power will be available only if the data is accessed and when the computer is turned off the data is lost or deleted again.

It collects data, program and other program information and results according to computer instructions and usage.

And you can read, write or alter and erased all the data in it as many times as you like.

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Types of RAM

There are two types of RAM: SRAM and DRAM.

SRAM : The full meaning of Static Random Access Memory is called Static RAM.

DRAM : Its full name is Dynamic Random Access Memory which is called Dynamic RAM.

Features or Characteristics of RAM

RAM is a volatile memory

This is the important internal hardware of the computer

Ram is the primary memory of a computer

The data of the program in the computer is stored in it

The two types of RAM are SRAM and DRAM

It is used as cache or cache memory

Money information can be read, written and erased

What is ROM? (What is ROM)

What is ROM or ROM?

What is rum? (What is ROM?)

ROM or ROM stands for Read Only Memory (Read-Only Memory) and is also a computer hardware and a type of storage medium known as primary memory.

ROM, however, is non-volatile memory, meaning that the data contained therein is not permanent or dependent on electrical power.

And even after shutting down the system or computer, there is no data loss or deletion.

Some examples of ROM are personal computer (system), smartphone, gaming console, smart TV and AC.

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Types of ROM

There are four types of rum. E.g.,

PROM : The full meaning is Programmable read-only memory which cannot be changed once the user has programmed the data.

EPROM: The complete form is Erasable Programmable read-only memory, that is, it is possible to delete the programmed information and instructions in a special way.

EEPROM : Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory where it is possible to electrically delete existing or programmed information.

MROM: The full term is Mask ROM, users are not allowed to alter or delete the data contained here. And although it is done, it is very difficult and time consuming.

Features or Characteristics of ROM

ROM or Rom is Non-Volatile Memory

This is a primary RAM or memory and internal hardware of the computer

The information contained in it cannot be re-written, re-programmed or deleted.

The information here is permanent

There are four types of ROM: PROM, MROM, EPROM, and EEPROM

The data here is not deleted even after the system or computer is turned off

So above we know what Ram and Rom are or what their properties are. Let's not look at the difference between this RAM and ROM.


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The difference between RAM and ROM

The difference between RAM and ROM

Difference between RAM and ROM


The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory or Random Access Memory. The full form of ROM is Read Only Memory or Read Only Memory.

RAM is a Volatile Memory. ROM is Non-Volatile Memory.

It is a temporary storage medium. It is a means of permanent preservation.

Data in RAM can be read, written and deleted The data in the ROM can only be read, not modified or deleted

RAM is faster than ROM ROM is slower than RAM

Its size is large and its capacity is more like 1 to 256 GB (1-256 GB). The size of the ROM is small and the imagination is low. Such as 1-8 MB (1-8 MB)

There are two types of RAM SRAM and DRAM There are four types of ROM: PROM, MROM, EPROM, and EEPROM

RAM is more expensive than ROM ROM costs much less than RAM

It is used as primary memory and cache memory. ROM is used as firmware and micro controller.

The difference between RAM and ROM

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So this is what RAM and ROM are or what is called RAM and ROM, their features and the differences between RAM and ROM.

Hope you like this post and find the answer to your question here. If so

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