How to transfer files from iPhone (iPhone to Android and PC)

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 Along with Android, now expensive iPhone has also taken place in the pockets of many of us.

How to transfer files from iPhone (iPhone to Android and PC)

This means that many of us today are also using the iPhone because the price of phones is much lower than before.

However, since most of the phone users are Android users and Windows users in the case of computers

So many people do not know how to transfer files from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone.

And when it comes to file transfer or sharing from iPhone to Windows PC, many people do not know how to do it.

Because Apple's own file-sharing application is AirDrop, which lets you access an Apple device.

You can share or transfer files between any other Apple device like iphones, ipad & mac pc.


But AirDrop is not available for Windows and Android, so many people do not know how to share files normally iphone to windows pc.

So today I will tell you a very easy way to transfer files from Android to iphone and iphone to windows.

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How to transfer or share files from iPhone

How to transfer or share Android files from iPhone

iPhone to Android and Windows file transfer

Android to iPhone (or iphone to android)

Although you can't use AirDrop to share files between Android and iPhone, there are several ways to do so. Like,

1. By file transfer application

You can do this with the same file transfer apps available for both devices for iPhone to android file sharing.

Share Karo


Send Anywhere



So to send files from Android to iPhone, you must use the same application on both the devices.

You can find the above mentioned file sharing apps between Google Play Store and iphone App store.

2. By cloud storage

Another easy and effective way to share files from iPhone to Android is to use cloud storage.

Upload the specified file in the cloud storage and then share the link of those files

The other person will get the file very easily. Or if there is that application on other device also easily there

That file will be synced or removed. This is the best way to send photos, videos and short files.

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৩. Snapdrop

From Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android. is the best way to share files with each other.


IPhone users use Snapdrop as an alternative to Apple AirDrop to send files to Android and Windows PCs.

It supports a web based program, fast and cross platform which really makes it the best alternative to AirDrop.

Step 1 : Open any web browser from both the devices and from there search and enter

Step 2: You will see the name of the above device being displayed in both the devices at the same time. So now

If you select the file and open it by clicking on the device name or icon, the file will be transferred to the device very easily.

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File transfer from iPhone to PC (share file between iphone and windows PC)

Snapdrop is the best and easiest way to share files from computer to iPhone or from iPhone to computer.

Since it is Web based and cross-platform supported, you can use the iPhone browser on the one hand in the same way as described above.

And at the top you can open the Snapdrop site from the Windows computer browser and transfer files from there.

Also easy way to send files from iPhone to PC is,


USB Cable

Cloud storage

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Our last word,

This is one of the disadvantages of iPhone users. But you should not have any more problems.

Because anyone knows how to transfer files from iPhone to Android and Windows computers.

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How to transfer or share files from iPhone to Android and Windows PC (iPhone to android and Winodws pc)

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