Keepa: Amazon Price Tracker (Amazon Product Price Tracker)

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Today we will learn how to track the price of the product of Amazon, the largest and most popular e-commerce platform in the world.

Keepa: Amazon Price Tracker (Amazon Product Price Tracker)

That is, I will know what Amazon Price Tracker is and how to track the price history and price track of Amazon products etc.

Earlier we learned about Flipkart or Flipkart price tracker, auto purchase . That's how it works and how to use it.

So if you also shop from Flipkart and haven't read the post yet, then of course don't read it.

However, let's not spend too much time. We haven't seen below what this Amazon price tracker is, how it works,

How to download and use this tool and most importantly what are its benefits.

What is Amazon Price Tracker and what are the benefits of using it?

What is Amazon Price or Price Tracker?

Amazon Price Tracker is a tool or program that helps you track the prices of various products available on Amazon.

As a result, you can easily find out what is the average price of a product, what was the maximum price and what is the minimum price.

And the name of the tool or program I am talking about in this post is, Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker.

This is the best and most effective tool of all Amazon price trackers available on the internet which we will learn about below or in this post.

The Keepa Price Tracker tool is available for browser extensions as well as Android, iOS and the website.

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker Features are:

Its main features are that you can view Amazon price history with this tool.

You can see the maximum and minimum price of any product and you can set the alert to reduce the price of that product.

So with this tool or Keepa, when you know these things, it is convenient for you to buy some products from Amazon.

Like you know before you buy the product whether the price is high or low. And if more,

You can wait for the price to go down or set an alert for a price drop or price drop. Meaning when

You will be informed through various means that the price of that particular product will come down. And if the price is low at that moment, then you will benefit by buying it.

So now we don't know how to download and use the Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker tool.

How to download and use Keepa

As mentioned above, it is available for browser extensions, Android and iOS devices.

So you can download and install Keepa Search from the App Store of your favorite signature device.

Or you can download the tool for the browser and device of your choice from the Keepa officila website .

However, in this post I will only talk about the browser extension of Keepa below. However, its use is the same in all cases.

Step 1: First of all open your browser and from there enter your browser extension store.

You will find the Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge.

Step 2: After entering the extension store, search by typing Keepa in the search bar and after the extension comes, do not add or install it in your browser.

After searching for the Keepa or Keepa extension, you will see exactly like the image below.

Keepa amazon price history tracker extension

Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker Extension

Step 3: After Keepa has been added to your browser, now enter the Amazon website .

And search for any product of your choice and click on it. See product price and description below

You will see a new feature or graph similar to the image below. Where was the price of the product last month, week and day.

It can all be seen there. This graph is the Amazon Price History. By which you will see the rise and fall of the price of the product.

Amazon price history or way to track Amazon price history or history and production

Amazon Product History & Price Track

Now you can see > Track Product next to Price History on the graph . That's where you come from

By setting the lowest or an average price of the product or the price of the product, you will be able to set the alert i.e. price drop alert.

And when the price of that product is low, this extension will give you email, web push notifications,

Telegram or Keepa mobile application will notify you of its message or price reduction.

Step 4 : Click > Track Product to set the original track alert . Then with the price of your choice

Select the price track's duration and click > Start Tracking . This time the notification of lowering the price of the product

You did not set up what you want to get through. Such as Email, Telegram, Web push notification or Mobile app.

Now you are able to track that specific Amazon product and you will be notified when the price of that product decreases.

Our last word,

So the whole point is to look at the price or original history of any product on Amazon and track the price of the product.

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