Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is mobile processor, introduction and which is better

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 Today we will know what is Snapdragon and MediaTek mobile processor, what is its function, which is better and what is the difference between Snapdragon vs MediaTek.

Snapdragon vs MediaTek: What is mobile processor, introduction and which is better

Undoubtedly, Android is ruling the world of smartphones. And did you know that about 80% of the world's phone users are Android users?

On the other hand 25% iPhone or iOS and the rest. Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek are among these Android or smart phones

Two chipset companies that are used by almost all Android mobile companies or can be found on all Android phones.

There are only a handful of mobile companies, including Apple and Samsung, that make their own phone processors or chipsets.

So whichever low budget, mid budget or flagship or high end smart phone you get, you will find Snapdragon or MediaTek processors.

So let us know below what Snapdragon and MediaTek processors are known for, the differences and which mobile processor is better or better.


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What is the function of mobile processor or chipset?

To understand a mobile processor or chipset you can compare or take a computer processor.

In the case of computers, the main hardware or the head of the computer or the brain is the processor. One such

The brain and core hardware of a mobile is its processor or chipset which helps a phone to operate in all ways.

And the performance and functionality of your phone depends on this chipset, so before purchasing a mobile phone,

How you choose the best processor depends on the speed, graphics and other aspects of your phone.

So you can understand in a normal way what a mobile processor and its function. That means fast and improved performance, mobile management and graphics etc.

What is Snapdragon or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor?

What is a Snapdragon processor? (What is Snapdragon mobile processor)

Snapdragon or Snapdragon is a system on a chip (SoC) mobile processor designed by Qualcomm company.

Where a mobile phone with CPU, graphics processing unit, GPS has all the software and hardware.

Most of its chipsets are connected to the CPU Adreno Graphics processor (Adreno) and it has released 1000 series processors from the previous 200 to date.

The function of the Snapdragon system-on-chip is a mobile CPU or brain that helps to fully manage the smartphone.

The Snapdragon processor is known

Did you know that it was the first 1 ghz processor for mobile? And Snapdragon was first released in 2006 for use on the device.

Since 2009, manufacturers have announced and started using the Snapdragon processor on various popular smartphones.


Later, processors of 200 series to 800 and 1000 series were gradually started. Where 200-400 series (2013-17) on low budget phones,

The 700-800 series (2016-17) chipset is offered on mid and high series phones and the 1000 series is offered on computers.

In 2016, Qualcomm announced that it would use the 845 Series flagship smartphone and the 850 Series Windows PC.

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What is MediaTek or MediaTek processor, its work and familiar

What is MediaTek Processor?

MediaTek is a Taiwan-based SoC (System on Chip) semiconductor company founded in 1997 that specializes in mobile devices,

Chips for a wide variety of electronics devices, including wireless devices and high-end devices.

And this MediaTek is the manufacturer of powerful and affordable Helio chipsets that you will find on most smartphones today.

It is the largest smartphone chipset or processor vendor especially in countries like India and China in Asia.

History or introduction of MediaTek processor

It is a Taiwanese chipset semiconductor company founded in 1997 and has been working on smartphones since 2003.

The MediaTek chipset series begins. Mediatek has released a number of low-, mid- and high-budget processors from 2003 onwards.


Among them are the popular Mediatek Helio series (X, G, P, or A) and with which some numbers or numbers are mixed.

Where the letters (X, G, P, or A) specify the performance level of the MediaTek processor and the generation of numbers or numbers.

For example,

Helio X Series (2014-2017) - MediaTek Ex High or Extreme Level Performance Chipset

Helio A Series (2018-2020) - Improved performance, improved camera, AI and battery backup etc.

Helio P Series (2015-2020) - High performance in mid-range smartphones

Helio G Series (2019-Present) - For gaming

Dimensity Series 700 - 9000 (2020-Present) - This series was recently launched for flagship devices from 5G.

Here I would like to inform you that MediaTek Helio X (MediaTek Helio X) series processor is the previous high or extreme level processor of MediaTek.

Helio A Series processors are for budget and entry level mobiles. And MediaTek Helio P

The processors in the series are lower mid-range series. All the processors of MediaTek Helio G series

It is especially focused on gaming. And recently MediaTek Dimensity or MediaTek Dimensity series processor

The shot was taken by MediaTek's flagship level which you can see in the specifications of expensive smartphones.

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Snapdragon vs MediaTek

Snapdragon vs MediaTek mobile processor

Snapdragon vs MediaTek (Difference)

Above we know briefly what Snapdragon and Mediatek are the two mobile processors, function and introduction.


So let's take a look at some of the differences between Snapdragon vs MediaTek processor below.

It will be useful for you to be aware of which mobile processor is best for your next mobile or smart phone.

But at the beginning I will make it clear that these two mobile chipset companies are very popular

Reputable Blessed International Semiconductor Company. And Snapdragon and Mediatek are better mobile processors.

And these two chipset companies range from low budgets to high or high level flagship processors.

১. CPU ও GPU

Both MediaTek and Snapdragon processors are multi-core, and in terms of CPU, their series and

If you look at the price of the device, you will not see such a difference. However, in the case of GPU or graphics


Snapdragon's Adreno GPU offers more performance. But that's the difference between you and high end phones

You will see that you will not find such special differences in low or mid-range budget smartphones.

২. Performance

In terms of performance, you can do very well between heavy mobile tasks and multitasking MediaTek chip.

On the other hand, Snapdragon also gives you better performance in heavy tasks, gaming and multitasking.

In both cases the mobile performance is almost the same and the higher the level or the device with the series chipset, the more performance you will get.

৩. Battery

The special difference between Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek where you will find is their battery life.

The MediaTek processor consumes a lot more battery than Snapdragon. That is MediaTek

Battery life is much shorter. On the other hand, Snapdragon has improved and succeeded in battery optimization.

৪. Heating Issue

Mobile phone heat is another big factor for smartphone users. And where

MediaTek devices are hotter than Snapdragon devices or have seen heating issues.

৫. Budget-Friendly

Although there is no significant difference in CPU and GPU performance, MediaTek processor mobiles are affordable in terms of price.

After all ,

MediaTek processors are cheaper than Snapdragon chips

Snapdragon is good for battery life

MediaTek's new mid or mid-range phones for gaming or gaming are better and cheaper.

Snapdragon delivers a bit more performance in terms of heavy and multi-tasking

Uses Snapdragon's own Adreno GPU chipset

Our last word,

I hope you get some idea from here what is mobile processor and which mobile processor is better.

And looking at the comparison of Snapdragon vs MediaTek you can now easily decide which chipset will be right for you.

So if you like this Snapdragon & MediaTek processor, I like their work and introduction post.

Then be sure to share with others and follow our site for more posts and updates like this.

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