How to share or transfer files from PC to mobile

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Although there are many software and ways available on the Internet to share files from mobile to mobile or PC to PC.

There are very few ways or software to share or transfer files from PC to mobile.

So most of the time we use USB cable or pen drive etc. from computer to phone or

Transfer files from phone to computer and see others sharing files in the same way.

But in today's article we will know two such ways where you can transfer from computer to mobile without USB cable,

And can share and transfer files from mobile to computer (PC to mobile file transfer).

So without further delay let's know below those two ways to transfer files from computer to mobile without USB cable.


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You can share files from PC to mobile in two ways

1. Pushbullet

How to share or transfer files from PC to mobile

Our first file sharing or transfer software is called Pushbullet which is of course also available as Android, Windows and browser extensions.

And here we will connect the computer to the phone and use the browser extension for file transfer.

Now let us know how to transfer files by connecting mobile and computer through Pushbullet.

Step 1: First of all go to Google Play Store from your phone and search for Pushbullet and install it.

Pushbullet PC to mobile file sharing and transfer

Once installed, open it and there will be two options “sign in with Google” and “Sign in with Facebook”.

Pusebullet or pusebullet log in

You can log into Pushbullet by selecting one of these options (whichever you prefer).

Then you will be asked for some permissions, you must allow and enable them.

Step 2: Now go to the extension store of whichever browser you use, be it Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

And in the same way, search for Pushbullet and add it to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

pusebullet file share chrome extension

You can also download extensions directly from the Pushbullet site for whatever browser you use.

Once the Pushbullet extension is installed in your browser, click on it and click “Sign up on”.

pushbullet log in

Then log in using the same method you selected for phone login.

Step 3: After logging in, now click on the Pushbullet extension from the top bar of the browser, you will see the option to share or transfer files from there.


How to share files from pusebullet to mobile

Similarly, if you open the Pushbullet mobile application, you will see the option to share the same file.

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2. AirDroid

How to share or transfer files from PC to mobile

AirDroid is a mobile management suite through which files can be exchanged wirelessly between mobiles and computers.

Apart from file transfer, you can also manage and control your Android phone remotely from computer.

However, to use it, your phone and computer or laptop must be connected to the same WiFi network.

To transfer files via AirDroid, you need to install the Android app on your phone, which you can get in the Play Store.

And in case of computer or laptop you can use its PC software or directly from the browser.

So let's see how to download, install and use AirDroid step by step.

Step 1: First of all search for AirDroid from your browser and visit its official website.

After entering the website, you will be asked to log in or sign up first, so click "Create an account" below.

AirDroid Share or transfer files from mobile to PC

And then there with your "Email, Password and Nickname" click on the Next button below.

create airdroid account

After clicking next your account will be created and a verification mail will be sent to the email id you provided.

So you must open the mail inbox and verify the email ID from there. (And keep the AirDroid tab open from the browser)

Step 2: Now open the Play Store from your phone and search for AirDroid and install it on your phone.

AirDroid is an Android application to share files from PC to mobile

After AirDroid is installed, open it and click “Log in” below and log in with the same email id and password that you did in the browser in step 1.

Log in to Airdroid

Step 3: Now go back to your browser and log in to browser mode with email and password.

After logging in, you will see that your phone will be connected to the computer and you can remotely transfer files and many other things.

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Our last words:

Many may wonder why applications like Shareit and Xender have not been added to this list.

Let me tell you that yes share or xender is definitely two good applications for sharing files from mobile to PC or from PC to mobile.

However, these two apps are not available in many countries or have been banded as in India. Also Pushbullet and AirDroid

With this you will get more easy and active file sharing as well as all the other features that you will not get in share or xender.

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