How to use without installing software

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Today we will know the computer tips, how to use or run Windows pc without installing any software.

How to use without installing software
How to use without installing software

Those of us who use a Windows PC or laptop know that to use any program or software,

First of all we can use it after downloading and installing it. And after installing that

It also eats up a lot of space in our storage and affects computer performance quite a bit.

But if I tell you that you can use any computer software without installing the software and,

It will work just like the installed software and you can run that software on another PC if you want

Then of course you want to know that too. So let's look at 2 such ways in today's post.

That is to say, did not see in two ways that How to run windows software without installing them on our computer.

Run without installing software in 2 ways

Method 1: Download Portable Software

One of the easiest and best ways to run PC or computer without installing any software is to use these portable apps.

So now you may be wondering what is this protetable software. Portable software is like that

Programs or designed programs that you can move from one computer to another and run without any installation.

So now the question is where to find or download the portable software you need or want.

So for that you go to Google and search from there by typing “Download Audacity portable version ” for example

In front of you will be the portable version of Audacity which is an audio recording and editing software.

After downloading, you will see that if you open the program, it will run or open directly without installing it.

Method 2: Zero Install

In our second step you need to install a software to use without installing any software.

And that is this Zero Install. Because this program will later help you run all the software without installing it.

Step 1: First of all, go to Google and search for Download Zero Install and download and install it.

Step 2: After installation, open the Zero Install software and go to > Catalog menu > Click on Refresh list .

After clicking on the refresh list, all the software available in Portable version will now appear in front of you.

So now, next to the software you want to use, click on the Run icon

The software will be downloaded and you don't need to install it again after the Zero Install program

You can directly open or use that software.

Our last words,

So now you know how to do that without installing any software in your computer

There are two ways to use it: run or . So if you like these little computer tips

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