Ways to connect WiFi to laptop or computer

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Today we will learn how to connect or connect WiFi to your computer or PC and laptop.

Although we see inbuilt WiFi service in all current laptops and some expensive desktops.

Ways to connect WiFi to laptop or computer

Laptops or desktops that are a bit old do not have WiFi service. Stay tuned for Bluetooth,

That too only in the case of laptops. You won't find built-in Bluetooth on desktop computers either.

But like everything else in this age of modern technology there is a solution. That is your laptop

Or you can use an external portable WiFi adapter even if the desktop computer doesn't have an inbuilt WiFi device,

You can easily access the internet on your desktop and laptop via WiFi services just like we do on our phones.

So let's say we don't know how to use the internet by connecting WiFi on computers (PCs) or laptops that don't have WiFi.

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Ways to Connect to WiFi on PC or Laptop

Before I start, I must tell you that all desktops or laptops do not have inbuilt WiFi hardware.

There you can purchase a portable WiFi adapter or dongle to use the router's WiFi.

Below I will suggest you some of these budget portable WiFi adapter or dongle which you are very,

You can easily access the internet by connecting it to a computer or laptop with WiFi.

Step 1: First of all you must purchase a WiFi adapter. Click the link below for some best budget WiFi adapters between 200-1500.

How to connect a WiFi router to a computer

Budget Wifi adapter or dongle

Best Budget WiFi Adapter For PC & Laptop 

Step 2: When you get the WiFi adapter, there will be a WiFi driver in a CD,

So first of all do not install it on your laptop or PC. Or if you want that driver online

You can also download and install it on your laptop or computer. So do not install the WiFi adapter driver according to your convenience.

Some WiFi adapters are plug and play. That is, driver software may not be required.

Step 3: Once the WiFi drive is installed, connect the adapter to your laptop or desktop.

Then click on the Network icon on the right side of the taskbar to see all the WiFi networks available near you.

Step 4: Click on the network you want to connect to and provide the password.

And if you click on Connect below , your computer or laptop will be connected to the Internet via WiFi.

This means that you can now use the Internet on the PC or laptop that did not have WiFi with the help of this Portable WiFi adapter.

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Our last word,

Of course, if you do not have Wi-Fi in your home, if you want to use the phone's Internet on a laptop or PC.

In that case, this method will be very useful to you. So this is the way to connect wifi to laptop and computer or to use the Internet by connecting. Which you know now.

Although many of our homes now have a WiFi connection. And we have this opportunity with this Portable WiFi adapter

You can use your old laptop or desktop to use the internet, which many people are doing.

So don't forget to comment on how you like this post and if you have any questions you can also comment.

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