7 Best Copyright Free Music YouTube Channels

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Today we will take a look at 7 of the best copyright Free music YouTube channels that you can own

7 Best Copyright Free Music YouTube Channels
7 Best Copyright Free Music YouTube Channels

You can choose the right copyright free background music according to the category or category of the YouTube channel.

So if you are a YouTuber or online content creator and want background music for your videos

Even without any kind of copyright strike or claim, then you must know that YouTube is in

There are several such Copyight free background music YouTube channels by other YouTubers

Free provides copyright free music only in exchange for music credit or attributes and without any payment.

But getting music for free is not enough. Because different YouTube channels may belong to different categories,

In that case right music for and according to your video or content plays a very important role.

So below I will mention 7 such best copyright free music YouTube channels from where you can select the right music according to your content.

Top 7 YouTube Channels for Copyright Free Music

1. Audio Library — Music for content creators

This Audio Library is one of the popular all copyright free music channels on YouTube.

With more than 4.5 M subscribers, you will find background sounds of various genres in this channel.

Here you will find happy, chill, soft, ukulele, fun, upbeat as well as pop and vocal music.

2. NCS – NoCopyrightSounds

Many of you may know about NCS but if it is not included in this list then the list would be incomplete.

Also, for those who are new to YouTube or don't know about NCS, let me tell you that this is NCS

The most popular and most subscribed copyright free music YouTube channel available on YouTube now has 32.6M subscribers.

Here especially you will find high bass, pop and dance electronic genres background music and which is really amazing in terms of quality.

3. Vlog No Copyright Music

The third best copyright free music YouTube channel on our list is this Vlog No Copyright Music

This is also a very popular and good channel which now has 2.32M subscribers or more.

You'll find almost the same category of copyright free background music here as the number one Audio Library — Music for content creators.

That is, you can use audio from here for almost all categories of YouTube channels

4. BreakingCopyright

In this BreakingCopyright channel you will find mainly pop, dance, metal and electronic type of music.

Also here you will get copyright free sound of various genres including soft, cinematic, epic, seasonal, country based.

Although you will find music here for creating different types of YouTube videos or content. However

I would definitely recommend anyone who makes vlog and movie type content to check out this channel.

5. Background Music Without Limitations

This is not a very popular and old YT channel but you will find various types of copyright free audio music.

Here you have more variety like Happy, chill, upbeat, inspiring, relaxing, uplifting and ambient

You will get the audio type. This channel has more than 148K subscribers and you should definitely add it to your subscribe list.

6. No Copyright Background Music

This is a YouTube channel that can be used in all categories of audio and all types of YouTube channels.

One such best place is this YouTube channel. Here you have all the channels mentioned above

And all of them copyright free background audio you will find here too which has a really good collection.

7. Prod. Riddiman

Recently lofi type music is very popular and many people listen to this type of music and there are many on YouTube.

So if you want to use Lofi music in your YouTube videos or any other content

In that case definitely visit and subscribe this channel because you will definitely like its copyright free background musics.

Here you will find good audio in lofi version with rock, pop, hip hop, chill, happy and vocals which I personally like very much.

Our last words,

So here are our top 7 copyright free music youtube channel names today. And every channel of which you should subscribe.

Here is one thing to inform all of you that all the music of the mentioned channel is copyright free

That is, Free to use, but one thing must be kept in mind that the music of the channel you use in your video

Music credit or attributions must be provided in the video description box.

Or enter the background music you want to use in the description box and read the terms of use.

And don't forget to comment how you like these best copyright free music YouTube channels.

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