7 Interesting and Secret Google Games

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Today I will tell you 7 interesting and secret Google Games of Google which you have not heard before.

7 Interesting and Secret Google Games
7 Interesting and Secret Google Games

Who do we know about Google? Today every internet user knows about Google and uses it daily.

However, Google is the world's largest Internet search engine company that provides more online services than search engines.

And many people don't know that you can see and do many interesting things with or within this Google.

One of which is Google games which has been around for a long time and many new ones have come but very few people know about it.

So let us know below about 7 such fun and secret Google games that you can play in your free time.

7 Fun and Secret Google Games

Hidden Google Games

1. Pac Man

We all know little about this Pan man game. And especially those from the 90s must know.

It was a very popular game of that time and even before and every kid of that time must have played or heard of it at least once.

It is a Japanese Nintendo game that we have played in consoles and recently by Android phones.

And this game can be played directly from Google. For that, first of all you have to go to Google.com and search there by writing Pac man .

2. Tic Tac Toe

Who doesn't know about this game it is a very old game and its popularity is still there and maybe it will remain throughout the ages.

We call it Katakuti game in Bengali and this game we played mostly through notebook and pen in school.

You can also play this game by typing Tic tac toe directly from Google's search bar and it is very fun.

3. Google Snake

Who remembers the old Nokia black and white or colorful Snake game? Hope many have played that game.

So if you want to play the same Snake or Snake game, then search Google by writing Google Snake now.

The graphics of the game may be new here but the rules or psychology of the game but you will find the same here to refresh the old memories.

4. Minesweeper

Like pac man minesweeper is a popular old game which is console mobile and most played

In that Windows xp or Windows 7 computer. So in general I mean here. you

You can also play this minesweeper game by searching Google here. So don't forget to try.

5. Solitaire

Since I mentioned Windows PC above, this game cannot be left out. We are those before computers

Or used to play Solitaire game when I got bored using Windows pc. It is usually a card game.

And since now these games have been removed from the new Windows version. So if you ever want you can play this Solitaire from Google by searching.

6. Flip a coin

Suppose you are not sure about something or for some reason you need to flip a coin or a penny

And you don't have any coins or coins. So at that time Google can help you.

You are absolutely right, Google will help you in your decision making by flipping a coin if you type Flip a coin in Google search.

7. Google Dinosaur Game

Although many people know about this game. But for those who don't know, let's say that when your internet

When the connection is lost, you will see the message “There is no internet connection” and there is a picture of a Dinosaur or T-Rex on it.

So at that time if you press space bar or key from your keyboard then the dinosaur will start running.

And there will be different obstacles like cactus and you have to press space bar at the right time to make the T-rex jump.

Our last words,

So here are our 7 fun and secret Google Games that you can play directly on Google.

These are very fun games that not many people know and they are not very addictive games either. So at some point

You can definitely spend some time playing these games if you are bored or for some time during work.

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