Best 6 Free E-Book Download Sites in 2022

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Today I will tell you about 6 such free ebook download websites from where you can download for free.

6 Free E-Book Download Sites
6 Free E-Book Sites

You can read and download Ebook online. And in all these sites you will get premium i.e. paid books for free.

And here you will find Bengali, English and Bengali translated books of all categories for download.

More or less we all love to read books especially if it is not academic or school college books (just kidding).

And I can emphatically say that those of us from the 90s and earlier love to read books.

But now that the era has changed a little, people read more online or ebooks than offline or paper touch books.

And be it offline or online, book lovers or bookworms will definitely love this post.

Because the 6 free ebook download sites that I am going to talk about here will seem like a goldmine or library of books to you.

So let's see below what are the best 6 free websites from where you can download e-books of your choice.

6 free ebook download websites in pdf file

Free ebook download website

So the first free Bengali and English ebook download website on our list is,


From Bengali, Hindi, English to almost all languages, you can download various ebooks from this site.

Here you will find online books of different varieties or categories in PDF format and more than you can imagine.

This is the one stop solution for book lovers who are looking for books in PDF format online that you will definitely love.

There is no doubt that the collection of ebooks here will impress you.

2. Banglaboipdf

So, by looking at the name of the second site in this list, you have forgotten that it is a Bengali website where you

You can download the book in pdf format. So let's now know what books you can get here.

Here you will find Bangla Ebook pdf of all categories starting from short stories, long stories, novels, history, spiritual, ghost stories and funny stories.

Also here you will find books in Assamese language, kindle version and other language books translated into Bengali.


This site is one of the online free book download sites. Here completely free and freely

You will get various ebooks to audio books. Especially if you are looking for very old books

In that case I would definitely recommend visiting this site. Of course, let me tell you that this is a free site

From where you can legally download and borrow various things and get not only Ebook but also various digital products.

4. BDeBooks

This is a Bangladeshi website but here you will find the best Bengali eBooks from across and across Bengal.

Here you will find books from all popular Bengali authors, children's stories, poems, ghost stories, novels and many other categories.

Apart from this, foreign language books translated into Bengali, textbooks, internet and computer related books are now available for download as PDF.

But especially if you are looking for books of all popular and great authors of Indian and Bangladeshi then definitely use this site.

5. Kindle App ও Google Play Book

Kindle and Google Play Book are two ebook reader apps that you can get for both Android and iPhone.

So if you are using mobile or tablet to download and read this ebook then these two

Must say to use Ebook app. Where you can download all the ebooks directly from this application

You can read and download online. Let me tell you that in this app you will get free and paid e-book library.

6. Banglalibrary

So the last best and free bangla e-book download website on our list is

You can download Bengali Ebook as PDF directly to your mobile without downloading again.

You can download books online from your tablet or computer which is a very good feature in my opinion.

Here you will find A to Z books by famous Bengali authors and categories to read and download.

This is one of the best Bengali ebook websites that I will definitely recommend you to use at least once.

Our last words,

So here are our 6 best and free bangla ebook download sites (free bangla or bengali ebook download sites).

One thing I must tell you or request here is that the real fun of reading books is with the book in hand as we know it.

So as time evolves and changes one should try to maintain these sentiments and with respect to the authors ie

I myself or this website advises you to buy and read their books with money.

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